An ever-increasing number of customers need not only a reliable production partner, but also experience and skill in designing innovative products with a low environmental impact. The InnovationLab of Tosvar is the R&D service for our customers: it is dedicated to the study of innovative and sustainable formulas, an area in which to come up with new ideas and put them to the test. Being innovative and environmentally sustainable requires attention to every single aspect. It is not enough to change the balance between bulk and propellant to make products more environmentally friendly. Proper packaging is also needed. Tosvar has always been at the cutting edge on this front. The aluminium used for the spray cans is entirely recycled and recyclable, and the plastic parts are also largely made of PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials, which now guarantee excellent results, including in terms of appearance. The cardboard for the final packaging is also obtained from separate waste collection and is again recyclable.

With regard to formulation strategies, TOSVAR is striving to find alternatives to LPG and to make the aerosol product safer right from the storage phase, as well as less polluting. We have been using nitrogen or CO2 as the product propellant for years, where this is possible. These two naturally occurring gases are being increasingly used on our production lines, along with air.