our history


TOSVAR – an acronym of the surnames of the partners of Giuseppe Gioia, Toscani and Varisco – starts life in a 150 m² basement in Cernusco sul Naviglio, in the province of Milan.

The industrial sector chosen is the production and filling of modern aerosol cans, starting with insecticide sprays and subsequently moving into spray deodorants. Many other goods categories would be added over the years.


Giuseppe Gioia, a Milanese executive and businessman, takes over ownership of the entire company and gradually expands the equipment, the laboratory, the know-how, the product types and the revenues.

Enthusiasm, skill, tenacity and creativity take the company in Cernusco sul Naviglio to a higher plane. During the 1970s, TOSVAR becomes one of Italy’s leading toll manufacturers of aerosol cans.


With Giuseppe Gioia at the helm and the growing contribution of his children, Paolo and Patrizia, TOSVAR is restructured and moves its aerosol production lines from Cernusco sul Naviglio to Pozzo d’Adda, in the easternmost part of the province of Milan.

With twenty years of experience behind it at the time of the move, the Milanese company is manufacturing around 20 million pieces in a production facility of 35,000 m².


TOSVAR participates in the International Aerosol Conference. It is ranked in the top six European manufacturers in the sector.


The company celebrates fifty years of activity and continues implementing its equipment and production capacity.

The specialized medical devices department is added.


TOSVAR is still managed by Paolo Gioia, ably assisted by his own children, Gloria and Gabriele, and has a workforce of 85 people. It manufacturers close to 70 million pieces and exports account for around half of total production.